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Invitation to a Special Evening with
TREVOR POTTER, Former FEC Chair & Colbert Advisor

TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2014


The Coalition for Open Democracy (COD) is thrilled to announce that Trevor Potter, former chair of the Federal Election Commission, campaign finance expert, and legal advisor to the “Stephen Colbert Super PAC” will be the keynote speaker at our May 6th Fundraiser.

Mr. Potter is the founding President and former General Counsel of the Campaign Legal Center, and helped to successfully defend the McCain-Feingold law in the Federal and Supreme Courts.  Mr. Potter has been described by the American Bar Association Journal as “hands-down one of the top lawyers in the country on the delicate intersection of politics, law and money.”

Mr. Potter is well known through his many appearances on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central as Stephen Colbert’s attorney for his Super PAC.  He won a Peabody Award for journalistic excellence for his coverage of the Citizens United Decison on the Colbert Show.

Mr. Potter served as the general counsel for the McCain for president campaigns in 2000 and 2008.  He is a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution.

WHAT: We urge you to set aside the evening of May 6 to hear what our guest has to say in the wake of the McCutcheon v. FEC decision by the Supreme Court.  And then plan to linger afterwards for refreshments and the opportunity to meet Mr. Potter. 

WHERE:  The Capitol Center for the Arts, 44 South Main Street, Concord NH.   See for directions and parking.

WHEN:  May 6, 2014 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.  Tickets are $50 and $35 for students..

COD is a nonpartisan partnership of organizations and individuals co-founded by Doris Granny D. Haddock working to restore an open and trusted democracy in NH free from money politics.

Our focus in 2014: Pass legislation (SB 120) to require full disclosure of political spending by special-interest organizations and work to stop money politics in NH through citizen-funded campaigns that allow only small donations.

To order ticketsClick Here or Make check payable to Coalition for Open Democracy, and mail to:  Coalition for Open Democracy, 4 Park St., Suite 200, Concord NH 03301 or order online at www.


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