Four Tips For Choosing Vaginal Health Products

Let’s talk about vaginal health products, shall we? After all, they play a significant role in ensuring that the vagina is healthy, so why shouldn’t we discuss them? Most women have not received proper sexual education, and this point is not to shame them but somewhat to bring light to the fact that many women are unaware of all they need to know about their bodies.

To help them out here are some tips for choosing vaginal health products that they should consider if they are planning to invest in them to promote vaginal health.

Keep away from scented products

hdhd764Most women believe that scented vaginal health products keep the fresh and clean down there. What they don’t know is that such products are made using harsh chemicals to produce the pleasant smell. These compounds are well known for causing skin irritation and allergies around the genitals. If you must invest in a fragrant vaginal health care product, it’s strongly recommended that you go for those that have a mild fragrance as they do not contain lots of these chemicals. In simple terms, you must keep off chemicals as much as possible.

Look out for lactic acid

A healthy vagina should have a pH of between 3.8 and 4.5 as vaginas prefer acidic environments to basic ones. Lactic acid has been shown to restore normal vaginal pH. Most women are not aware of this fact, and that is why they continue to use vaginal health products that can upset the pH balance of their vagina. Numerous other factors can affect the pH of the vagina not just vaginal health products. Bodily activities and functions such as menstruation, intercourse, and even pregnancy can upset the vaginal pH. With lactic acid, you will be sure to create an acidic environment in your vagina that prevents the growth of disease-causing bacteria and much more.

Choose products with glycerine

Almost every woman experiences the discomfort of vaginal dryness at some point in life. A dry vagina feels itchy and burning and can take away the pleasure that comes with sex. In fact, research shows that vaginal dryness is among the primary factors that cause sexual dysfunction and painful intercourse. Glycerin is well known for moisturizing and hydrating the skin around the vagina. So if you are looking for vaginal health product to tackle an issue like vaginal dryness choosing those that contain glycerin will be very useful.

Go for products with capric glycerides

hdhgd64If you need products to tackle vaginal dryness also consider those that contain capric glycerides because they are famous for hydrating and replenishing the skin of the lost moisture. Capric Glycerides are different from glycerine since they do not draw water from the skin.

Ensuring optimal health down there is critical, and that is why you should consider using vaginal health products. With the tips highlighted in this post, you will have a fruitful end to your search for the best vaginal health products in the market. A healthy vagina is a happy vagina and so ensure that you keep vaginal health as much as you can.